Bel Air PAWS Program

PAWS committee members

What does PAWS look like at Bel Air Elementary?

* High Expectations
* Procedures & Routines are Taught Consistently Every Day
* Frequent & Specific Reinforcement (Student tickets, class PAW Charts)
* Behavior Education Program

Bel Air Elementary has monthly staff meetings to review data, make adjustments to the program, & address grade level concerns. In addition, quarterly assemblies are held with each grade level to allow administration to review expectations.

Olweus- Bullying Prevention Program

We are so excited to begin implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program here at Bel Air this year. We want to create a community where bullying is not tolerated by any member of the school community. This year we will work with parents,teachers, students, and community members to create a community where all children are included and feel welcome. A community where students know how to be "upstanders" rather than "bystanders" when they observe bullying. A community where students treat each other with kindness.

Please be on the lookout for our kickoff events coming up in October.

If you have any questions about this new program, please contact Ms. Marshall, our school counselor, or Ms. Rivers, our PBIS/Olweus Team Leader.


Panther PAWS Program

The Panther PAWS program has been created based on staff feedback,assessment of discipline data, & effective behavior management principles. The purpose of Panther PAWS is to promote positive work habits, to reinforce appropriate behaviors, & to teach replacement actions when students choose to behave inappropriately.

Polite & respectful
Appropriate actions
Working hard
What is the PBIS Model?
1. Focusing on replacing undesired behavior with a new behavior or skill
2. Having a positive environment throughout Bel Air Elementary
3. Teaching appropriate skills
4. Acknowledging appropriate behavior (by class and/or by student)