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updated: 6/15/2020

What is Summer Slide? 
Summer Slide is when students lose up to 2 months of the learning that happened during the school year. Summer Slide happens when students do not engage in reading and math activities over the summer months when most children are not attending school.
Feel free to watch this video for important statistics. English   Spanish

Summer Thrive is when students continue to progress in their learning or maintain their learning because they practice reading and math over the summer. These children are exposed to learning experiences that they may not have had during the school year, such as visits to museums or zoos. Our goal is to help provide you with materials that can support summer learning for reading and math. 

We are so excited to be able to provide our first grade students with materials for summer learning! Each student who had parent approval received books on their reading level and a summer math notebook with manipulatives to play math games. Part of this program requires that parents attend our Summer Thrive Zoom meeting. Our meeting was Wednesday, May 27th at 6:30pm via Zoom.

Below are links to the Powerpoint presentation we used in the meeting, video explanations of how to play some games from each of the leveled math books, and links to play them online. Any student in K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade is welcome to go to the Files and Documents page and print the Summer Math Books and use the links and videos below.  You may also visit Mrs. Palmer's Class Page and Mrs. Farrell's Class Page for additional resources.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Caden Palmer at palmercc@pwcs.edu for math related questions or Kathy Farrell at farrelkg@pwcs.edu for reading related questions.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Farrell

Bel Air's Summer Thrive 2020

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Math Resources

Red Book

Build It/ Change It  video  game 
Collect 20 video
Racing Bears video game
Roll and Record video game

Orange Book

Find that Combination video   
Counters in a Cup
video       game 
Make 10 video  game
Missing Numbers video   

Yellow Book

Pyramid 10  video  
Close to 20 video   game
Collect 50¢ video  game
Place Value Yahtzee video   

Green Book

 Close to 100  video  game
Place Value Yahtzee video
 Sum or Difference video dice
 Mixed Number Match  video

Blue Book

 First to 1,000/ Get to Zero video  cards
 Four in a Row video 
 Remainders Race video  spinner
 Spin to Win video  spinner

Purple Book
 Twenty-one video dice
 Neighbors Count II video  dice
 Making One video  fraction strips
 Fraction Track video  game

Dreambox- Interactive math that is automatically leveled for where your child is working. Sign in through Clever. 
Bedtime Math- Brief non-fiction stories that include 3 leveled math questions. Sign up for their free daily emails or download the app. 
Investigations Games- This link will take you to the website that has all the games available from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. 
Same or Different?- This site includes lots of pictures to encourage math discussions.
Which One Doesn't Belong?- This site includes pictures in sets of 4. Find out which picture doesn't belong with the rest. Support your answer! (There are multiple correct answers!)
Would You Rather? Math- This site includes situations. Students must choose which situation they would rather have and why. Be ready to support your thinking.