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Library from Home: Summer reading

Information updated 06/14/2020
Lessons from Previous weeks can be found in Files and Previous Lessons section

Finding Books Online for Summer Reading

** If you need help with your Microsoft login, please contact Mr. Rinker


 Introduction from Mrs. Hammel
   Summer reading

 Finding Books on various websites

   finding books online

Books from Overdrive, Libby App and Overdrive App
- PWC Library

  Overdrive  Libby b    Overdrive app

 Books from Hoopla and Hoopla App- PWC Library

          hoopla for kids                   Hoopla app


Bel Air Library
Summer Fun Choice Board!

Respond to stories

Create Stories

ABC order and things to explore

Reading and listening to stories

Explore resources

Read or listen to a story and act out your favorite part. Use stuffed animals to help if you need more characters.


Read/listen to a book and write/video record a review.

Don’t give away the ending!
‘Book review’ template in the Files section


Read or listen to a book with someone in your family. If you have access to video chat, you could read to someone outside your house.


Read a recipe from a cookbook. Ask a grown up if they can make it with you.

Create a comic story.Use your toys and/or Legos as inspiration. ‘Comic templates’ in the Files section


Create a Primary Source about your time at home (email, text, video, journal entry, picture)
‘Primary Source’ document in the 
Files section


Create a poem about your favorite…food, person, movie, book, animal, etc.
Poetry templates in the 
Files section


Create a new version of your favorite story.Add your family as characters and change the setting to be a place you go.

Put your books in Alphabetical order by Author’s last name

Put your Movies in Alphabetical order.

Explore the wonder of the day on the Wonderopolis website



Explore the Natural History museum in D.C. virtually



Explore the live cameras at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.



Listen to a Story from Storyline Online

Read and listen to a fiction and non-fiction book pairs in ‘Book Flix’

**username and password emailed


Listen to a story in Spanish

Read and listen to a Non-fiction book in ‘TrueFlix’

**username and password emailed

Listen to a story read aloud by Mrs. Hammel





Pick a famous person and research them usingBel Air Library Portaportal

(Try World Book and Pebble Go)

** username and passwords emailed


Read a book fromPWC Digital Libraryusing your library card

-Overdrive for Kids

-Hoopla(choose kids)


Find out about things going on in the world using ‘News Websites’ on Bel Air Library Portaportal

Draw a picture with Mo Willems- “Lunch Doodles”





Dear students and families,
I hope you are all doing well in this surreal time.  Reading can be a way to escape to fun adventures, solve mysteries, discover new place and meet new characters while still practicing social distancing.  Check out the sections on the Library Webpage to discover activities and links to help you enjoy "Library at home".
Mrs. Hammel

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Library Vision

The library is a friendly and welcoming place, where all staff and students are able to access a large variety of resources.  This is a comfortable and well organized space for learning and making discoveries.

 Library Mission

To support and encourage independent readers and foster a love for reading.  Provide guidance to student and staff on how to use information responsibly.  Supply resources to support the curriculum and individual interests.  Help develop the skills needed to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.