Special thanks to Carolyn Vibbert and PWC 4H Embryology
chick hatching from shellToday's Message: Day 22+:  Hatching and Brooding

Dear Students,

The chickens started hatching late in the evening on Day 22. By afternoon on Day 23 we had 12 chickens hatched.

The incubator got quite full toward the end.
2 chicks

Chickens in the brooder box.

We have 3 cats. They all enjoyed sitting and watching the chickens and feeling the warmth of the heat lamp. chicken

question about chickenToday's Q & A

:  How long do chickens live?

From PebbleGo- around 12 years
From thehappychickencoop.com- backyard chickens usually live 7-8 years

2 chicks

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We candled the eggs on Day 11 (03/21). 16/18 are growing chickens. Hatch day is March 31!

Pictures and Videos

The egg turner runs for 5 seconds every hour.