I am the proud teacher of students with autism at Bel Air Elementary school. I absolutely love my job and my students.  I enjoy seeing my student's progress as they become more and more independent.  I am blessed with the most amazing staff in my classroom as they make work full of laughter and memories.  Together we work to create a loving, nurturing and thriving environment.

I customize my teaching style to the child's learning style, providing mild to maximum verbal/visual support as needed. It's so important to know how to deliver lessons in more than one way. It's our job to figure out how the child learns and present material in a way that he/she can be successful.

I spent my previous career as a marketing and communications strategist for a large corporation, before switching careers to a teacher of students with autism in the educational setting. I have my MA in Special Education from George Mason University, MA in Strategic Communication from American University and my BA in Occupational and Technical Studies from Old Dominion University. In addition, I have several certificates in marketing, public relations and eCommerce. I am using my communication skills, now toward helping children.