Hi everyone! 

If you click on my educational website tab it will take you to links to our daily songs along with some language arts and math websites. If your child doesn't remember their istation or dreambox user name and password please message me and I will get that to you.

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Some ideas of what you can do at home with your kids:

- Search on your ipad/phone/kindle/tablet free educational games (there are a TON especially right now of free games you can download for free)

- Have your child read to you or you read to them- You can have them tell you who the characters were, setting, problem and solution of the story. They can also retell the story to you too. It is always important to ask questions to your child when reading to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading.

- Practice writing their name, letters, numbers, words, sentences- this doesn't necessarily have to be done with a pencil and paper- (shaving cream, play doh, rice, water and a paintbrush are all fun, but different ways to keep them in the habit of writing yet engaged)

- Have them write/create their own story (this does not need to be an elaborate thing) simple pictures with sentences is a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

- Have an alphabet scavenger hunt. Have students find objects around the house that start with each letter.

-Give items to have your child sort (colors, coins, legos, objects) and afterward have them count how many is in each pile and tell which is the most/least etc.

- Roll a dice (or make one) and have your child add or subtract the two numbers.

The possibilities are endless! Just remember this doesn't have to be complicated or complex. The point is to make it fun so your child doesn't really feel like its school work. Happy learning!