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Mrs. Palmer

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Updated: 6/15/2020

Hello, Bel Air Families!

Have a Great Summer

Please continue to work on reading and math over the summer. It will really help you and your teachers at the beginning of next school year.  You won't feel as frustrated about working and you will keep your skills fresh. Don't let all of the work you did this school year go to waste!
To help you with this Mrs. Farrell and I have set up a Summer Thrive page for Bel Air. You will be able to find all of the resources you need to have a successful summer. 

I can not wait to see your smiling faces again!

I wish you continued health and happin

Mrs. Palmer

Math games with Mrs. Palmer


Games Links


4/23/2020 Dot Addition  One or Two More
4/30/2020 Five in a Row
5/7/2020 Five in a Row Subtraction
5/14/2020 Five in a Row with Three Cards
5/21/2020 and 5/28/2020 How Many Now with Cubes
6/4/2020 Missing Numbers
6/11/2020 Roll Tens and Ten Plus


4/23/2020 and 4/30/2020 Capture 5 on the 100 Chart
5/7/2020 and 5/14/2020 Beat the Calculator
5/21/2020 and 5/28/2020 Get to 100
Get to 0
6/11/2020 Make a Dollar and Spend a Dollar


4/21/2020 Close to 100
4/28/2020 Factor Pairs     
5/5/2020 and 5/12/2020 Multiplication Compare
5/19/2020 Fraction Cookie
5/28/2020 Fraction Cookie Intermediate and Advanced
6/2/2020 Go Collecting
6/9/2020 Yekti Guess My Rule


4/24/2020 Guess My Rule   Multiplication Compare
5/1/2020 Missing Factors
5/8/2020 Multiple Turn Over
5/15/2020 Factor Bingo
5/22/2020 Close to 1,000
5/28/2020 Capture Fractions and Number Bond Fractions
6/5/2020 Fill Two
6/12/2020 Decimal Compare


4/21/2020 Multiplication Compare
4/28/2020 Division Compare
Fill Two
5/12/2020 In Between         Decimal In Between
5/19/2020  Fraction Track  (Fraction Tiles to help)
5/26/2020 Close to 1
6/2/2020  Fraction Track to 2
6/9/2020 Smaller or Larger