office365 Students can also log into their office365 account and get on all of these sites either through clever or our teams webpage. We use that most frequently. There are other activities located in teams for students to practice. When students log into office365 they will need to know their username and password that they use to get into the computer at school. They will need to add @pwcs-edu.org to the end of their username when signing into office365. The password is the same.

Legends of Learning students should practice the "in school" activities first and then they can do the at home games.

Arcademics More games to review skills!

ORIGO at Home We play a lot of these games at home! Explore the site and find some games you can play at home!!
How to Access and Use _Origo at Home__Trim4.mp4 Here is a video to play to help you use ORIGO at home!

school code: dweh/9had
Brown's class code: 16008
Kilmer's class code: 43664
Hogue's class code: 14549

Jefferson Lab SOL practice Students can practice SOL type questions and email me their results at brownaj@pwcs.edu

SOL pass SOL practice questions

Printable Documents worksheets for everyone!

STEM activities 

Math Connects Online Textbook: Online textbook (FULL).  MATH RESOURCES: games, activities, personal tutors, assignments, etc. *Students have individual logins* Ms. Kozlak's ESOL resources   this link provided by Ms. Kozlak will have ESOL activities 

Mrs. Hammel's Page- View the Chickens!