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Call me: (804) 742-2439
Twitter: @MsCArtTeacher

I will be on the zoom link every Wednesday and Friday at 2:45-3:45pm JOIN ME!


Today I wanted to tell all my students goodbye.
Ms. C is 
moving away this summer and next year will no longer be your art teacher. 
I will miss every single one of you so 
so much! 
have enjoyed my time with you and all the fun art we have created together. I am sure your next art teacher will love you just as much as I do and will be excited to create with you!
See you later alligator


Ms. C recorded video:
All art videos will be up by TUESDAY every week
Ms.C Sun and Moon Example
The Sun and The Moon Art Video

Ms. C Aquarium EXAMPLE
Trick of the Eye Aquarium

Choice Board options:
to be able to use the click 

"Files and Documents"

Lesson Resource
(Step by Step Art activities)

Week I am asking students to create a messages of hope and optimism during the current crisis. You can write a letter, draw a picture with markers or crayons, paint a picture or use recycled materials to create an artwork that shows POSITIVITY, HOPE, AND OPTIMISM! Please post a picture to Artsonia website and email me a copy!
Hope Project Examples
For more information click HOPE

No-Tech Activity
(No Computer or phone needed)

For those who love origami this is the choice for you! With this project you will be learning how to fold paper just like you do in origami but instead you will be creating an EXPLOSION book!
Explosion Book EXAMPLE
For more information click
Explosion Book!

Hi-Tech Activity
(Will need a computer)

Everyone loves a good comic books filled with action and Superhero’s! For this week I want you to create a comic book where YOU are the Superhero and you are doing something heroic!
Comic Book Example
For more information click

Collaborative Game

Print out the DrawYourFriend.PDF Fill in the boxes with different fun facts about your friends! When you are done you can mail your friends these drawing or send them a picture of them! It’s a great way to feel close to your friends even if you can see them right now!
Draw Your Friends Project
To download the document click

Youtube Channel

Pick a movie from the
Draw So cute YouTube channel
try your best to follow along! When you are done send me a picture of your amazing artwork and I will post it on the Art Classroom webpage so everyone can see how cute YOU draw!
For more information click
Draw So Cute YouTube Channel

Museum Online
(Teachers Choice)

Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National History Museum of Natural History! Pick on interest item you saw. Draw it and you standing side by side! Tell me why you found that item interesting! I know I’ll be going to the Hall of fossils and deep time!!
Museum Pictures
For more information click
National Museum of Natural History




Welcome to the art classroom home page!

A little about myself:

I am Ms. Cochran but most of my students know me as Ms.C
I graduated from the University of the Art with a Bachelors Degree in Photography and a Masters in Visual Arts Education K-12
With interest fields in Child and Adolescent Physiology and Art Therapy

If students would like to show me their art work they can either take a picture of it and email/tag it to my twitter page OR keep it safe till I see them again!


During this time at home I understand that it may be challenging to keep your students creativity levels inspired but, never fear! I have found some excellent links, videos, and webpages filled with fun small projects that students can create on their own or with you!
For all of the links please go to the Useful Link or if you are on a mobile phone go to the File and Documents tab.

Every Week i will be posting videos of myself doing Art projects for students and family members to follow along with
There will also be choice boards every week filled with art projects in the categories of:

Lesson Resources
No-Tech Activities
Hi-Tech Activities (Website based/Free to use)
Collaborative Games (social Distancing of course!)
YOUTUBE Channels
Mobile Apps
Art Contest (students can enter if they want)
Online Museums

What to expect in my classroom:

In my classroom students will not only be introduced to new art mediums (paint, illustration, pastels, clay etc..) but will also be learning about art from around the world. It is my hope that not only will students be allowed to explore their creativity but also become a more globally aware student! Your Student will listen to music, explore their own creativity levels, succeed where they never thought they would, challenge their own creativity, and work as teams to create beautiful masterpieces.

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the
Mark Rothko, Artist