Pikachu Dance
Who wouldn't want to learn or attempt a "Pikachu Dance"?  Here is a super fun dance that will get your heart rate going, and can be done with your family and friends!  In the side playlist are some other cool dances to attempt to get moving and grooving while at home. 
Let's Get Ridiculous Dance
Ice Cream and Cake Dance
Peanut Butter Jelly Dance
Avocado Dance
Big Fish Little Fish Dance

Kylo Ren Star Wars Workout
As you kiddos know, I LOVE Star Wars!  Here are some Star Wars activities that are going to get you moving and sweating just like with me in class! You can choose from good (Resistance) or bad (Sith) to lead you through the activities.  Also in the playlist, are some more superheroes and movies to lead you through some sweaty physical activity. 
Jedi Workout
Obi Wan Kenobi Workout
Sith Workout
Lightsaber Workout

Marvel Workouts!!!
Now you all can get a workout out with your favorite Marvel character and become an Avenger yourself!

Spider-Man Workout
Captain America Workout
Black Panther Workout
Thor Workout
Iron Man Workout
Star Lord Workout

Fortnite Dance Workout
As I know most of you all loveeeee Fortnite, here is a little workout for you fans out there! 

Spell Your Name
Here is a little exercise activity that you all can do and help to spell your name too!  All you need to do is find each letter in your name, and then you can start the activity for each letter in the correct spelling for you name.  Pretty cool right? When you open the link, it will ask for a password to print out the page, and that password is: kids

Work. Play. Train. Kids
Being activity is not limited to a few things you can do.  There are so many options for you kiddos and your family to choose from!  This website will take you through a lot of activities to choose from, and they can all be done right at your house (or even going outside for some fresh air).  Take a look around, and find some awesome fun games to play!

Sight Word Workout
Alright kiddos, time to work on our spelling with some exercises!  Here is a little activity to work on with your parents or friends.  You will pick an object you see (ex: clock), and then spell out the word with different exercise activities for each letter in the word.  Have fun and lets get active!

Two-by-Two Fitness
Most of you kiddos have done this activity together in class, but now you can bring it home and do them with your family.  In this activity, perform each picture (exercise) and you can rotate through different people in your family for each exercise.  Remember, you don't have to do these exercises alone and family is a good addition instead of classmates.